Export & Domestic Packaging 


Ship to Any Location

Whether you have a high volume of large machinery or small, delicate components, Bentley World-Packaging, Ltd. will package and ship any size product to any destination.

Our goal is to offer quality export crating and domestic packaging services, proven techniques and innovative design to protect your shipment in transit, all while maintaining a high level of personalized customer service.



Prevention and protection against moisture, pilferage, vibration and corrosion
Preservative and VCI poly/emitters
150,000 lb lifting capability
Package marking
Packing lists and inland bill of lading
Photo Record Process

  • Maximization of Cube Space
  • Standard Containers, 20's and 40's, High Cubes, Open Tops and Flat Racks
  • Cost Effective Blocking Methods
  • Loading includes Blocking, Bracing & Securing
  • Corrosion, Shock and Vibration Protection
  • Heat Shrinking
  • Export Shipping Boxes and Skids
  • Air and Ocean Freight Boxing