Digging Meets Distribution

Mining Machines, Accessories and Parts - Packed and Ready to Ship

Extracting metals and minerals from the Earth requires heavy duty machines, and Bentley World-Packaging provides packaging, handling, warehousing and distribution services to support Mining Equipment manufacturers worldwide.

Why the Mining Equipment Industry Chooses Bentley:

Custom crating, kitting and eco-friendly packaging solutions
Military-grade package testing, package engineering
Expertise handling small parts to heavy goods

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Why Companies Choose Bentley

As an international machinery manufacturer's drop shipping partner, Bentley keeps inventory of this company's machinery parts at its Baltimore facility and shipping them directly to customers when needed. The relationship with Bentley has created significant supply-chain efficiencies and cost-savings for the firm, improving the company’s on-time KPI from 60% to 90%.
30% Increase in On-Time KPI
25% Increase in Efficiency
30% Increase in Cost Savings

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