Reusable Wood Shipping Crates

SnapCrate is the innovative, reusable crating system, designed to reduce container costs, eliminate packaging waste, while being compliant with international shipping standards for wood packaging materials.

Collapsible & Stackable

SnapCrates collapse to only 9” tall and stack easily for efficient storage or cost-effective return shipments.

Built Strong

Rated to hold 3,000+ lbs. of product and withstand up to 10,000+ lbs. stacked on top of them.

Accessible & Ergonomic

Contents may be accessed even when fully loaded and stacked simply by removing a side panel.

Cost Effective

SnapCrates are durable, customizable and reusable, saving you time, space and money.


No nails or screws. Snap-and-insert technology allows for tool-free assembly & disassembly, and tested to 10,000 cycles.

& Sustainable

Constructed using only plywood harvested from domestic, sustainable forests and formaldehyde-free glue.

& Efficient

Replace only damaged parts to extend the lifespan of a SnapCrate, and keep spare parts on hand to reduce downtime.

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