Military Packaging 

As global issues demand increased deployment of our armed forces, Bentley World-Packaging, Ltd. works diligently to provide expedient military specification packaging and logistical solutions. Bentley World Packaging has been providing Military Packaging Services since 1942.

We take special care to meet all of the required government specifications and prepare the appropriate documents. Bentley World-Packaging stands as an industry leader by developing and providing the highest quality and inventive military specification packaging services available.

“Over 70 years of Military Packaging Experience”

Military Specification Packaging Facts

  • Packaging for military specification contractors since 1942
  • Recipient of one of only seven awards given by the United States Army Troop Support Command for "Outstanding Service in Operation Desert Shield/Storm"
  • Award recognition by the Defense Contract Management Command North Central for Contractor Support
  • Final inspection and acceptance site


Unique Capabilities & Proven Past Performance

  • One of the oldest, largest, and most experienced MIL-SPEC Packagers in the United States
  • Experienced Military Packager for prime contractors supplying material to all USA military activities, United Kingdom, and Canadian Forces, etc.
  • Operational experience and long-term relationships with DLA, DCMA, TACOM, NATO and US Embassy shipments
  • Resident expertise to review and interpret Government contract packaging/labeling/shipping/requirements in addition to applicable contract clauses
  • Capacity, experience and approval to segregate, store and protect “Government Furnished Material” (GFM)
  • Expertise in MIL-STD-2073, MIL-STD-129, ASTM-D-3951 interpretation
  • Application and production of all necessary military marking in accordance with MIL-STD-129, and required bar code labels in accordance with ISO/IEC 16388 and 2D (PDF417) in accordance with ISO/IEC 15438
  • Suppliers of Passive/Active RFID/UID labels or tags per contract requirements
  • WAWF submission of Receiving Report/Combo/ASN as required
  • In-house packaging engineers experienced in both commercial and military packaging design (physical and digital prototyping) and evaluation
  • Vertically integrated to supply all forms of packaging materials (wood, corrugated, barrier bags, and various foam cushioning /dunnage products) in addition to contact preservation/desiccant packaging as required
  • Utilization of ISPM-15 compliant lumber for all container materials
  • DDTC registered for Commercial Export and Military OCONUS shipments
  • HAZMAT trained staff in accordance with 49CFR/IATA/IMDG/AFMAN
  • Continuous Improvement Philosophy and Proactive with quantifiable financial and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Utilization of Cross-Functional Kaizan process and events to “Lean” operational processes
  • Highly experienced and cross-trained workforce
  • Utilization of standardized work processes with visual management aids
  • Support and consultation for manufacturers new to military specification packaging
  • Solicitation and contract interpretation
  • Same day turnaround capability