Our new product that is manufactured in Colorado and Wisconsin is SnapCrate. It is a collapsible crating system which is innovative, durable, reusable, and compliant with international shipping standards for wood packaging material. Customer's container costs are reduced up to 70%. We have seen upwards of 30 uses per crate around the world, saving significant money while reducing or eliminating packaging waste.

The crating system collapses for easy storage and is very cost effective for return shipments. They are durable and rated to hold 3000 + lbs. of product and hold 20,000 + lbs. stacked on top. Convenient for use at Trade Shows.

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SAFER: The snap-and-insert system eliminates the need for tools, nails, screws, staples and banding, which creates a much safer environment for employees.

COLLAPSIBLE & STACKABLE: SnapCrates collapse to only 9” tall and stack easily for efficient storage or very cost-effective return shipments (approx. 5:1 ratio).

DURABLE: Constructed from thick 5-ply, heat-treated, exterior-grade domestic Douglas Fir plywood, SnapCrates are rated to hold 3,000+ lbs of product and to have 10,000+ lbs stacked on top of them. Our universal 4-way entry pallets are reinforced with ring shank nails, glue and lamination to provide a sturdy base from the start. SnapCrates have passed rigorous Tobyhanna military testing (TT 05-10) and have emerged as one of the world’s strongest shipping crates.

ACCESSIBLE & ERGONOMIC: The contents of a SnapCrate may be accessed even when fully loaded and stacked simply by removing a side panel. SnapCrates can be integrated directly into your production process and allow for a much more ergonomic workflow.

MODULAR & REPAIRABLE: SnapCrates are completely modular, allowing their lifespan to be indefinitely extended by only replacing the parts that are worn or damaged. Keeping spare parts on hand will eliminate any downtime.

HIGH CAPACITY: Thanks to proprietary manufacturing equipment, we are able to process up to 700 sheets of plywood per day and meet any demand.

GSA Contract Holder #GS-02F-0088W