April 6, 2020

Bentley Teams Up with Samaritan’s Purse to Deliver COVID-19 Aid

COVID-19 is impacting everyone, everywhere. It’s a scary time for all. Hospitals are overflowing with patients, and ventilators and […]
March 23, 2020

Bentley World Packaging Designated as an Essential Emergency Service Manufacturer

We continue to closely monitor developments and the global impact with respect to the Coronavirus (COVID-19).  Our crisis management […]
March 19, 2020

Military Packaging Standard – MIL-STD-2073-1: What You Need to Know

If you are involved in military packaging and exports chances are you have seen a lot of acronyms thrown […]
February 17, 2020

What is Military Packaging and What Does it Mean to Be Military Compliant?

The need for military packaging arose from supplies and troops being lost and destroyed during World War II due […]

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